Who can be referred?


Currently any family with at least one child under 5 years of age, who is suffering or is experiencing difficulties for whatever reason, can be referred.  This may include feelings of isolation, multiple births, ill health, post natal depression and lone parenting.


Families choose to accept Home-Start support and can decide to end the relationship at any time.  Families can also ask for support themselves.


A referral is a serious enquiry for Home-Start South West Kent’s support for a particular family, which results in a referral form being completed by the referrer.  A referrer is someone such as a:

  • Health Worker
  • Teacher
  • Playgroup Worker
  • Social Worker
  • Midwife
  • General Practitioner
  • Community Psychiatric Nurse

How to refer a Family for support

1. Talk to the family about Home-Start.

2. Suggest to the family how Home-Start might help.

3. Ask the family’s permission to contact Home-Start.

4. Complete a referral form and return it to the Home-Start office.

What happens after referral?

Each referral and the resources available will be considered by the Scheme Co-ordinator. The Scheme  Co-ordinator will visit the family to clarify their needs and the support that Home-Start could offer.  A volunteer, carefully selected for the family will subsequently be introduced.  Occasionally a family may need to wait for a suitable volunteer to become available.  The referrer will be contacted with information about the nature and level of support offered.  Further contact between Home-Start and the referrer may be made through the Home-Start office as necessary.  The referrer does not have direct access to the volunteer.

Download this file (MESH referral form Jan2012.doc)MESH Referral Form394 Kb
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