Training & Support

All Home-Start volunteers attend a course of preparation before being linked with families.Most Courses are held one day per week for ten weeks.  The course includes subjects that are relevant to the support that our volunteers offer the families.  Volunteers can choose to have the course accredited though the Open College Network.  Our volunteers have the opportunity to gain greater knowledge, to increase their confidence and learn new skills.


A vital element of a Home-Start Scheme is the planned support offered to all volunteers.  This is usually on a one to one basis between the volunteer and the Scheme Manager or Co-ordinators.  Volunteers may also support each other.  The staff are always available for volunteers. 

Group support meetings are held monthly and are sometimes formal when there is an invited speaker on a relevant topic, further training opportunities on subjects such as drug and alcohol abuse, child protection etc. or at other times informal.   We have a summer Social for volunteers to a place of local interest and we have a Christmas get-together with a treat or activity to thank our volunteers for all their hard work and the time they dedicate to their visited families.

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